The requirements to be a member of Flyven Virtual Airlines, from now on Flyven Airlines are the following:

1.- Having 16 years or more.

2.- Have an IVAO account and have a minimum FS1 range.

3.- In order for the pilot to obtain the following ranges, he or she needs to be in the FS3 list range in IVAO, on the contrary, he can not be promoted to the next rank.

4.- The board of directors of the airline reserves the right of admission if these conditions are fulfilled in their entirety, in the same way that the CEO reserves the right to cancel the crew member without prior notice and without explanation to the crew that considers that they threaten the good environment and development of operations.

5.- The costs derived from the use of the resources are assumed in their entirety by the Board of Directors and the CEO of the airline and none of the pilots is obliged to support them, only if they wish in good faith.

6.- The board of directors of the airline has the right to take any decision it deems necessary for its correct operation, forcing the crew to respect them.

7.- The only and official network of the virtual airline is the International Virtual Aviation Organization (IVAO).

8.- The Flyven Virtual Airlines directory is made up of the CEO, President, Vice President and Vice President of Operations.

9.- The functions of the President are: maintain and carry out the necessary reforms in the software used by the airline, freely appoint the positions of Vice President and Vice President of operations, approve or reject new membership applications, delegate specific tasks to any person that considers Approve, approve or reject the requests of the Vice President and Vice President of Operations, promote advancement to the crew that considers appropriate, approve or reject the flights sent by the team and administer the system provided by IVAO and VAM.

10.- The functions of Vice President of Operations are: To maintain the itinerary and the planes, scheduled aircraft shipments, schedule charter flights to carry out the real counterpart.

11.- The functions of the Vice President are: to be a communication channel between the board and the pilots, to provide the necessary training to the crew that requests it, to delegate tasks according to the needs of the fleet, to seek advanced promotion of crew to the President.

12.- All the members that are admitted to Flyven Virtual Airlines will do so with the number of hours flown in the range of IVAO and from there those that are added in the reporting system.

13.- As a measure of respect towards other colleagues, pilots can not take any plane that has not been taken by it to the same length, except with the consent of the pilot "assigned" to that plane or have the certainty that this plane does not carry activity parked in the destination for at least five (5) days.

15.- The member of another airline that simulates operations of Flyven Virtual Airlines and / or that belongs to the board of administration of this, but that is not incompatible to belong to any other virtual airline, is considered incompatible.

16.-You may be asked to leave the airline for the following reasons: -. By own request, requesting the President by mail or by other means to notify the President directly. -. Conduct that the board considered inappropriate. -. Unfair inactivity -. Violation of article fifteen.

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